President / C.E.O.

Laveda serves as President/CEO of the Cen-Tex African American Chamber of Commerce, HOT Center of Business Excellence, host of CommunityWISE television show and owner of several businesses.
Prior to joining Cen-Tex African American Chamber of Commerce, Laveda served as Procurement Specialist/Business Consultant at McLennan Community College Small Business Development Center and Caruth Small Business Development Center at Abilene Christian University.

At present, Laveda is a member of Waco Education Alliance, Leadership Plenty, Baylor Research and Innovation Collaboration, A. J. Moore High Academy, City of Police Academy and Junior League Advisory Committees. She serves on the boards of City of Waco Public Improvement & Development (PID), Texas Partnership for Out of School Time (TXPOST)  and Vice President of the Texas Association of African American Chamber of Commerce and former YMCA Central Texas board member.

Laveda has twenty plus years of experience as a procurement specialist/business consultant. Her opinion is highly respected in the areas of business development, minority business certification, purchasing, and government contracting. Trained at the federal and state levels for economic development, Laveda touts a 1.7 billion dollar government contracting track record. She uses her expertise and skills to provide assistance to small businesses in the areas of business development, goal setting, time management, networking and government contracting. Laveda has assisted hundreds of businesses in maintaining positive cash flow and accelerating profitable growth. She is currently working on a book entitled “Arousing the Giant Within You".

She is a person of great courage, faith, insight and wisdom who has a very unselfish and loving spirit. She has dedicated her life to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience to enlightening and motivating those around her to do their best. She has a way of getting others to see the big picture and to overcome their differences in order to work together for the common good of all. Her greatest gift is her passion for encouraging and empowering other.


Team Leader, Success Coach, Leadership Trainer, Networking Trainer, Motivator, Speaker, Television Show Host, Management Consultant, Procurement Specialist, Business Development Specialist, Goal Setting, Time Management, and, Organizational management.